Social Media Lessons From The World’s Best-Worst Cat

  • May 12, 2016
  • INK Team

For me, 2016 has meant a new job, a new city, and a new cat. Her name is Beeps, and she’s probably the best thing on Earth. And surprisingly, she has taught me a few things about social media.

Be authentic

Beeps charmed everyone she ever met during her long 832-day stay at Austin Pets Alive!. Her loving caretakers finally decided to make Beeps her own Facebook page, in the hopes of finding her a forever home. They were very honest about her personality, her quirks and her flaws. My favorite quote: “I used to bite. A lot. I once bit an interviewee in the boob, ha ha ha! It’s just who I am, and I’m ok with it.”

Authentic Beeps

Lesson: Whether it’s a brand page or a fan page, the best social media strives for authenticity. Stick to conversations and comments that closely reflect the brand identity. Don’t join in on every trending topic just because it’s popular. Remember, social media is about creating relationships. No one likes a fake friend.

Stick to a schedule

Ten days later, I found Beeps’ page and fell in love. When I was signing the adoption papers, the APA! staff let me know that the Facebook page had several more days of posts scheduled. Their goal was to post everyday until she was adopted.

That strategy obviously worked well. During the initial “grand opening” of the page, frequent posts helped to amp up the excitement. The first few followers shared with their friends, and so on and so forth, until the page racked up 125 followers in a matter of days. It took less than two weeks to get her adopted.

Lesson: Find the post rhythm and frequency that works for your purposes. Nowadays, I only post on the Beeps page when she is doing something really charming. My rationale is that her followers want to see her antics at about the same frequency as the rest of their friends.

Use your analytics

Control of Beeps’ Facebook page passed to me when I took her home, and l am consistently astonished at her engagement analytics. She gets the kind of numbers of which some brands only dream. It definitely helps that she’s an adorable cat, but it still took me a little time to figure out what works best to keep those numbers up. Something I learned from the page analytics is that Beeps’ followers engage more when I share after 8 PM.

Lesson: Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of third-party services give you a ton of data on your page activity. Use it to find what your audience responds to, hone your strategy, and repeat.

Find your tone

Beeps was probably a shark in a past life; her favorite way to interact with the world is with her teeth. She bit me the first time I ever met her and every day since, and I kind of love her consistency. The Facebook page is written from her perspective, so her tone is equally witchy in her Facebook posts. Her APA! caretakers had it down pat, but it has taken me a little longer to emulate that style, as Beeps and I get to know each other.

Beeps in Trouble

Lesson: Find the perfect brand voice and tone, and stick to it. Perhaps your brand calls for professionalism, or maybe you’re more like Denny’s. Either way, consistency is key.

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