Working in a ‘Man’s World’

  • November 11, 2010
  • INK Team

At a recent client meeting, while discussing a top-level executive retreat, I was surprised to hear that all of the attendees were male. Really? All-male upper management? While I don’t want to sound too feminist, it can’t go unnoticed that there is a lack of women leadership in some industries, technology being one of them.

When you think of women in top leadership roles for tech companies, most people think immediately of Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay. While stepping down a few years ago to pursue a (slightly unsuccessful) career in politics, she left a post that is typically occupied by men. According to a Harvard Business Review study released last year, which studied the leadership of 2,000 of the world’s top performing companies, only 29 (1.5%) of those CEOs were women. Aside from Meg Whitman, no other woman CEO on this list came in on the ground floor of a high-tech, biotech or Internet company.

This country prides itself on equality to all and the democratic ideal, so I have to ask – where is the love for a powerful woman? Why is it that even when a woman is appointed to the role of CEO, she is twice as likely to have accepted the position from an outside company? Do women really have to move companies to move up? Whatever the reason, I have to say; I am ready for a change.

While I do not work for a Fortune 500 company, I do work for a company led by amazing women. Two women who took a huge risk to create a company and a lifestyle they believed in. I know I am relatively new to my career and have many years of industry learning, but I have to admit, it is easy to do good work when you have a little inspiration.

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