Words for an Interesting Time

  • January 21, 2017
  • Kari Hernandez

May you live in interesting times. This English “blessing” is said to be derived from a Chinese curse.

We certainly live in interesting times.

As Donald Trump took the oath yesterday with his hand on the Lincoln bible, it was said to remind us that we have been even more divided in the past and have still overcome our discord. Despite this sentiment, it appears that we have never been more divided in our communication with one another and with the words we hear. We are not interpreting the same information differently, we are literally hearing different news, different stories, different expert analysis, different inspiration. It’s a maddening situation.

But now we see it that. Right? This election served to open our eyes to dramatically polarized sources of information, and misinformation. At best, this curse/blessing could be something else, an opportunity for greater understanding and communication across party, state, economic, racial, gender, and all the other lines we draw. What are we all trying to say?

At the core of it are issues, very human needs and wants: poverty, education, health, family, equality, fairness. These are central and matter to everyone, or would if they were in jeopardy to any individual. These issues are not new. Many, many leaders who have forged progress in the past and who stand up bravely today, share words that should be universally motivating if stripped down to the wisdom and the deeds.

We’ve collected some of our favorites here at INK with an eye to strong female leaders who have inspired our women-owned and led business, and the men and women who make up our INK family. We’re kicking off a campaign today to #celebratewomen, honoring great leaders from our past, sharing their words which have inspired us and paved the way for future generations; and to some of our current leaders who are marching today who tell it like it is, who stand above the noise and have the potential to be heard by all Americans. A few are below; many more will roll out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over the next week.

If we look to the words and actions of women leaders who found their voice – many in a much more discriminating time – we hope it will lend strength and inspiration to the women and men who are rediscovering their voices through this election, and through this next phase of our country’s history.

To words that unite and speak truth. May we live in interesting times.



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