What Makes a Great Infographic?

  • December 4, 2013
  • INK Team

This post comes from graphic design and social media intern Ryan Riggins

Throughout history, people have used images to communicate. From geographical maps and anatomical diagrams to ancient cave drawings, visuals have always gone hand-in-hand with story telling. Now, we often see this practice in the form of infographics. We are all familiar with them – elongated images filled with pictures and text pertaining to a particular subject matter – but what is it that makes a great infographic?

  • A clearly defined title – Let the reader know exactly what you’re going to be talking about. The title has the power to spark curiosity, or it will disappoint and deter your reader.
  • Relevant and factual data – No matter how interesting they may be, avoid cluttering your infographic with statistics that are not directly correlated to your subject matter. Instead, keep your stats short, sweet, and most of all, factual. (Be sure to include references to further drive your point home.)
  • An accompanying story – An infographic is not just a long list of statistics. Whether it’s a chronological account or a series of case studies, make sure you communicate your data as a story. Take your reader on a journey through the information you are sharing.
  • Visual appeal – Amplify the data in your story by including visual elements like icons, shapes and graphs. These visuals can increase interest while organizing your data and guiding the reader through your story.
  • The ability to be shared – Make sure your infographic is just the right size to be shared and viewed in a variety of places. The easier your infographic can be shared, the easier your information can be spread.

Now I have a challenge for you. Compare my blog post to this infographic from NerdGraph titled The Anatomy of an Infographic. It’s a visual rendition of these same tips. Which grabs your attention more?