What Do You Do?

  • July 11, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker

We’ve been going through an exercise in self discovery of late, as we grow, and plan for more growth in the future. One common theme has come up over and over – do we offer “just” public relations, or are our services more broad than that? In my experience, the definition most of our clients have in their minds of public relations is “PR = media relations” and little more (that is not my definition, but hey, perception is reality). In that case, yes, we do quite a bit more than “just” public relations. We help companies get to the crux of who they are and how they present themselves – branding. We work with companies to tell their stories to the audiences they care about via the most effective distribution channels (be it media, events, content) – public relations. And we understand how to marry your brand, your stories, and your audiences online – social. 

PR + Social + Brand = Communications. That’s what we do. You tell us why you want to communicate. We work with you on the what to say, who to say it to, and the best how for the job – news campaigns, events, speaking engagements, content for online, newsletters, brochures and blogs, etc. There are other hows that we don’t do in-house – yep, we have excellent partners to recommend for video creation, advertising, direct mail, website – but as your communications strategy partner we understand how it all fits together. 

Makes sense? We’re growing. Keep an eye out. 

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