Week 1: Taking the Plunge

  • January 24, 2011
  • INK Team

Below is a guest post from our fabulous intern Rachael Genson, a senior majoring in Public Relations at UT Austin.

Last week marked the first week of my last semester as a college undergraduate and I’ll be honest, I am utterly unsure how to react.  On one hand, I am more than thrilled to put the piles of homework and endless hours of study sessions behind me.  But on the other hand, I am slightly terrified to step outside of my school bubble.  School has been a constant in my life since those first years in Pre-K and it will definitely take me time to adjust to my soon-to-be reality that is a full-time job.

For those who know me, it’s no secret that I find change difficult.  It’s not that I am against it, but it seems to take me longer than most to adjust, especially when a major shift is involved.  In order to help myself cope, I opt to ease into change rather than diving in head first.  Because of this, I am comforted in the fact that I have already taken the first step towards getting used to a post-college life. A mere day into this semester, I started my internship at INK Public Relations, and I have to say, the outlook appears promising.  After just a week interning with INK, I couldn’t be more excited about the next four months.

Truth be told, last Monday I was extremely nervous about starting an internship with a technology and clean energy firm- two subjects I know nothing about.  How would I ever be able to call myself INK’s best intern if my head started spinning every time I heard about LED thermal management or wind turbines?  However, it didn’t take long to see that each and every member of the INK team is more than willing to teach me a thing or two about their areas of expertise.  I left my first day in the office feeling exponentially more confident about my new internship, which got me thinking:  If it was so easy for me to settle into an atmosphere that is completely unknown to me, then what is stopping me from having the same approach to my final semester?  Nothing.

So rather than spend my last months as a student stressed and worried about the upcoming changes in my life, I can use my first week at INK as a lesson: change is constant.  Technology changes.  Energy resources change. Life is full of changes and with this change comes growth. College was my time to grow as a student, but this last semester will help me grow as a professional and I’ll have my co-workers at INK to thank for that.  So instead of taking the baby steps that I am so fond of, it’s time to take the plunge.  Bring it on “real world.” I’m ready.

Settling in at my desk!

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