Want to Work at INK? Read This.

  • April 10, 2014
  • Starr Million Baker

We get a ton of resumes on a daily basis. It’s flattering, and humbling, to read how much you guys identify with what we’re building here and want to be a part of it. That said, here are some things you need to know:

  1. We may not be able to respond right away. It’s our intention to do so, but client work is pressing and our internal needs come after that so please use this blog post as your response if you don’t get an email right away: yes, we did receive your resume and totally appreciate you sending it, and if we’re not hiring right at that moment we will still keep your information on file and give you a call should the need for your expertise arise.
  2. Speaking of your expertise – it should be your main goal in that email to point it out. We love hard workers that have a passion for writing, or creative thinkers with a knack for graphic design. Graduating soon, looking for a job, and “hey, INK looks like a cool company and PR sounds like fun!” is not an area of expertise.
  3. Let’s talk a little more about that. We have gotten a TON of emails along these lines – “Your website rocks, you look cool, therefore I want to work for your company.” I appreciate that you have found what looks like your professional home while surfing around online – and I agree, our website rocks, and is a great representation of who we are. But we don’t hire people because they want to work here – we’re not in business for you, but rather for our clients. We hire people who can do something great for our company and our clients. And because they do that great thing, we create a great place for them to work – and therefore, they want to keep working here. See the difference? Think about it.

Put your best foot forward. And show us you have what it takes to be an INKer.

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