Want to get quoted? Get some balls

  • March 21, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker

Just saw this quote in an article on Mashable about start-up OneID:

“OneID is like what PayPal should have been when it comes to security,” Kirsch said. “We are going to leapfrog PayPal. We are PayPal 4.0.”

That, my friends, is a quote. It’s got an analogy to help people understand the start-up’s business model and key differentiators, putting it in perspective with a company the audience knows. It’s got conflict in terms of calling out a company on what it’s not doing right. It’s got visual words – when’s the last time you used “leapfrog” in a quote? Quite frankly, it’s got balls.

Clients: if you want to be quoted (which I know you do), you have to speak in real English (NO ONE actually says the word “robust”). You have to paint a picture with your words. You have to go out on a limb and provide the conflict the media and audience are looking for. And sometimes, you need to have balls.

Seen a good quote lately? Share in the comments. Corporate spokespeople need all the inspiration they can get!

He's got balls.

3 responses to “Want to get quoted? Get some balls”

  1. Starr says:

    Have to add this link – in case you love pics of dogs with balls. 😉 http://acidcow.com/pics/12487-dogs-with-tennis-balls-36-pics.html

  2. Jessica says:

    Just came across this one today:

    James Markarian of Informatica addressed the issue that most Hadoop applications tend to be data-intensive instead of resource-intensive. “The challenge is that the big elephant doesn’t move through the little pipes all that well,” he said. When the processing is colocated in the cloud, it’s no problem. But most companies store their data behind firewalls.

    How great is that? Doesn’t that image of a big elephant in a tiny pipe resonate with you, as well as help you understand the problem? Great quote.

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