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  • August 19, 2015
  • Blair Poloskey

It is late August, and obviously we are thinking about specific things on the upcoming calendar – ya know, back to school, or football season (Hook ‘Em! – or whatever is intrinsically wrong but right for Joey, Kim, and Nicole to chant), or maybe even Thanksgiving, or the holiday season?

Oh, hell no you aren’t. You are thinking about SXSW Interactive. I mean, sure, it isn’t happening for another six months. And sure, the things you want to talk about now might not be relevant then. But it is panel picker time, folks, so get on out there and vote!

INK client panels are below – check ‘em out, vote a few up, and we will see you in Austin in March. Of 2016. Mark your calendar in case you forget.


The Consumer Controlled Future of Media Content

Push It Good: Why Beacons are the Tindr of Retail

Getting ROI on the IOT: How to Make a Business

IoT Wireless Wars – Can’t We All Just Get Along? 

The Smart Security vs. Functionality Tradeoff

Breach Aftermath: Cleaning Up the Mess

Digital Identities: Modern Underground Currencies

Don’t Tweet That! Managing Your Digital Footprint

Cybersecurity Mythbusting: What’s the Real Deal

Social Innovation’s Top Challenge: Transparency

Mobilizing Communities to Scale Impact Orgs

Weird Ways Companies Use Mobile Loyalty

Where Mobile Loyalty Went Wrong

Stop Reinventing the Wheel and Recycle Brainpower

The IT threat not much bigger than 2-meters

Other good stuff in here

EP. 58: The Rise of the Rest