Vine Videos 101

  • April 7, 2014
  • Ryan Riggins

Last WeekVine announced a number of updates to their social video channel that make the already popular platform easier to use and enjoy. In order to keep you in the loop (Vine pun), I wanted give a quick crash course on how you can put Vine to work for your brand. Here is lesson 1:

Intro: Vine is a social media platform that allows users to post 6-second videos to an online profile. Most people use Vine for its entertainment value, but recent updates to Vine profiles, as well as new messaging features, have created new ways to share information with users from a brand perspective.

How does it work? First, download the app on your mobile device. Log in by creating a new account or registering with an existing Twitter account.


  • Enter the camera mode by selecting the icon in the top right corner.


  • To capture video, press and hold on the screen. Let go to stop recording.


  • The green bar at the top of the screen shows the time you have left. When the bar fills up, your 6-seconds is up! Click the arrow inside the green bar to continue.


  • Here you can either edit your clips by selecting edit, or you can click the check mark to post your video.


  • To send your post, add a caption and check with social channels you want to post to, then click done!

Just like that, you’ve posted your first Vine video. That wasn’t too tough, was it? Stay tuned for my next blog, where I’ll dig deeper into brands who are succeeding at using Vine for their brand.



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