The Value of Words: Evolve

  • February 22, 2016
  • Starr Million Baker

INK’s company values have remained the same since inception. We hold dear these things: applying knowledge as strong, strategic counsel and “being there before” our clients (we call that Enlighten); loving what we do and who we do it with (Energy); believing there’s always a better way, balanced with a healthy dose of customizing what should be (Efficient); and always, always, doing what we say we’re going to do which is getting results for our clients (Effective).

This year, we realized that while we had long embraced an attitude of always learning, we had not formerly recognized this piece of our DNA as one of our core values. Today, we do exactly that – Evolve joins our “E’s.”

What does evolving mean to us? It’s both personal and professional. It recognizes our thirst and passion for learning, and our belief that things change and change is good. It’s also recognition that we work in a rapidly evolving marketplace – both our own public relations industry, and the tech, clean energy and consumer industries we serve.

Over our existence, we’ve evolved several times. We’ve grown in size, sure, but evolving is more than that. It’s a desire to always push ourselves to not just do what’s always been done – we’re great at that, and we do it for our clients and ourselves. We’ve added services – like our design and content teams. We’ve added industry and category knowledge – like our clean energy and food & beverage domain expertise. We’ve pushed ourselves to think about public relations as communicating with all of the audiences a business needs to speak with, and not just through the media.

As our updated website will point out (coming soon!), we’re an agency of passionate idea makers, organizers, collaborators, doers, and most of all expert communicators from around the world and across industries. We go beyond the traditional to explore it all, and we couldn’t do that without a thirst for evolution. So, welcome to our values, Evolve. You’ve been here all along.

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