Two of my favorite things

  • April 13, 2011
  • Helen Murphy

Because it is Wednesday, and because I spent the last four hours writing an article and can no longer string coherent sentences together, I’ve decided to use my blog post to regale you with two of my favorite new internet finds. Brace yourselves!

Summify is a service that creates a summary of the most relevant news stories from all your social networks and then sends you five to ten stories in a nicely packaged, daily email. Summify’s magical algorithms evaluate a handful of factors to create each list: article links you click through on your social networks, news stories that your friends share and retweet.  The service is supposed to replace the overwhelming task of keeping up with the news shared on all your social networks.  I’m a news junkie, so Summify’s daily email just adds to the list of things that I read daily. Luckily, the service is pretty on-target with the news I like to read so I make it a point to peruse the email each day. As a matter of fact, I discovered my next favorite new internet find through Summify.

Oh how I love OhLife.  OhLife is like a private journal, except instead of putting pencil to paper to write down your innermost hopes and desires, you type them out and send them to your own password-protected site. At this point you may be asking what the point of this service is. I mean, how hard can it really be to put a pen to paper and keep a diary of your thoughts? Apparently, for me, it’s REALLY HARD! I have a journal at home, plenty of pens, and the best intentions, but nary a word has been recorded. I find it so much easier (and faster) to type out my thoughts.

OhLife makes it so easy to keep a journal. Once a day (you get to decide on the time) OhLife sends you an email asking the question “How did your day go?” All you have to do is reply to the email, press send and OhLife adds your day’s musings to your online, password-protected journal. You can even attach pictures to your emails and OhLife will include them in your post. But wait, there’s more! As an added perk, OhLife includes a random post from your past in each email so you can see what you were doing/thinking on that day. Fun!


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