Twitter Now Looks Like Facebook

  • April 29, 2014
  • INK Team

Earlier this month, Twitter changed the way profile pages look. Many are comparing the new look to Facebook’s current profile page, and for good reason. Your profile picture moved from center screen to the upper left-hand corner of your page and your header photo now stretches across the top of the page, similar to Facebook’s cover photo.

Twitter's New Profile Page

Copycat? You decide.

Whether or not Twitter’s new look is a knockoff, the new design feels pretty sleek and is totally optimized for Twitter sharing. Now, according to Forbes, popular tweets that receive a lot of engagement appear larger in users’ timelines.

So what exactly do these changes mean for your brand? Here are the top three differences that can affect your brand:

  1. Backgrounds have vanished.
    Your Facebook profile doesn’t have a public background and now neither does your Twitter. Public backgrounds on Twitter are a thing of the past, which means that any extra information you may have shared in the past on your background – customer support team pictures, URLs to your website or additional social media channels – is now invisible. If you want to keep this information on your Twitter page, take a look at how Glamour Magazine has incorporated handles and URLS into their header image.
  2. Hello, giant header image.
    It seems Twitter backgrounds have been replaced by a Facebook-esque header image that stretches across top of the page. This is where you can play with your branding. Opt to match Facebook branding to Twitter, as The Verge has done in the pictures above. Or change it up. Huffington Post on Twitter, for example, has opted for a more casual, human vibe compared to their Facebook page, which serves as more of news ticker.
  3. Text, pictures + videos are supersized.
    Is it just us, or does everything look a lot bigger on Twitter? Updated profiles have larger text, images and videos displayed on the profile tweet stream. Take advantage! People are more likely to click on, Retweet and engage with tweets that include links, images and videos.


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