Top 6 Things I Love About CES That Have Nothing To Do With CES

  • January 19, 2011
  • INK Team

CES is no doubt a love, hate event. As much as we all complain of being overwhelmed and exhausted, it just wouldn’t seem right starting out the year without a dose of the big show. Now, with a bit of distance, I look back fondly on what I love most about CES. And by what I love most about CES, I mean none of these things actually has anything to do with CES.

6.) Mesa Grill – Lots of good food in Vegas but Bobby Flay’s restaurant serving up southwestern fare is the best. INK’s fave dish is the pomegranate brussel sprouts.

5.) Yogurt parfaits – Even if I have to pick it up the night before so it’s ready first thing in the morning, I always try to find a moment of respite over a yogurt parfait before the madness of the day begins. Last year, I introduced Adrienne to the divine ritual only to have her turn on me. Several mornings we subtly vied for the last parfait in the coffee shop of our casino.

4.) Flat shoes – Heels? Not now, not never…

3.) Running shoes – For those mornings when I have a bit of spare time, I like to decompress by pounding the Vegas strip in my running kicks.

2.) LOVE – The Cirque Du Soleil performance set to Beatles music gets better every time you see it. When we’ve managed to sneak in a performance, I laugh, I cry, I jam out with inappropriate enthusiasm while singing along to “All You Need is Love” at the end but I come away feeling totally rejuvenated.

1.) My husband picking me up at the airport and bringing along my doggie – Nothing I love more than seeing my husband’s car pulling in to passenger pick-up. Especially, when I see Lucky’s head hanging out the window and getting super excited to see me too.

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