Top 10 Reasons Why This Past Month Rocked

  • June 3, 2011
  • Starr Million Baker

It’s not often that a company has the kind of month that we just completed, so thought I’d take a moment to capture some highlights…drum roll.. and here’s me with the Letterman cue cards:

10: Launch of client Miro’s version 4 media player, the open source “iTunes for Android” garners crazy good coverage, including NY Times and WSJ, with a nice lift from ReadWriteWeb. It took 242 pitches to get there, but that’s why clients hire us – we do what it takes.

9: News push of client Tabbedout’s funding and partnership wins means coverage in GigaOm, All Things D, and TechCrunch – to name a few – same day as funding news goes out. Client so happy with coverage report we get a “Fabulous – and I don’t use that word often – performance!” email.

8: Team holed up in two-day meeting with client Bluetooth resulted in outstanding plan of record moving forward, plus bonding over barbecue at my fave restaurant Lambert’s (seriously, fried donut holes and the best mac-n-cheese in town – and I haven’t even mentioned the brisket). And while in that meeting, still managed to jump on current event issue for client Bluetooth and secure coverage of desired position. Happy day.

7: Completed biggest wind energy tradeshow of the year for clients ACCIONA and Broadwind, securing top-tier trade coverage for the former, and CNBC (plus some) for the latter. Received note from client about rock star team – always like that.

6: Client Nuventix won AMAZING award (I can’t tell you which one yet, but keep your eyes peeled for news at the end of June). And that was just the cherry on top – 11 media interviews at year’s top lighting show, including Wired, plus customer campaign, redesigned booth, and brochure for show. Busy month, happy client.

5: Happy (see the trend here?) note from client Gemalto confirms that we do know what we’re talking about – and she appreciates that (as we do her). Oh and did I mention the media interest rolling in? If I didn’t, I should.

4: @rmgenson, INK’s newest hire, graduated from UT and joins us full time in one (short for her, long for us!) week. Go Horns!

3: Awesome references for new biz prospect from @wirelessmike, @jessimarshall and @ericjschneider which I have no doubt gave us the edge. It’s pretty awesome to have clients like these guys who we can count on to help us grow our business. Thank you!

2: Email from that same new biz prospect today at 5:06 titled “Congratulations” – new biz prospect now newest INK client and we are thrilled to expand our presence in the security solutions space. Big news coming next week which will undoubtedly make another Top 10 list in the near future.

1: Our very own pool. At INK’s very own new office (signed lease today). Need I say more?

Yes, actually, I must. All of the above would not have been possible without the rock star team we have at INK (well, okay, Rachael probably would have graduated without us, but that’s it – the rest we do as a team). I am thankful every day for Kari, Blair, Beth, Allison, Helen, Candice, Jessica, Rachael, and Adrienne. So much so that I am leaving INK in their more than capable hands while I fly through the Belize canopy on a zip line. Peace out – I’ll be back on the 13th, more laid back than ever. 😉

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