Thread Introduces Caller ID to the Year 2013

  • March 10, 2013
  • INK Team

This post comes from INK alumna Rachael Genson.

Each year, thousands of eager techies flock to Austin to hear inspiration from some of the great minds in the industry, and hopefully discover what will be the latest and greatest new technology coming out of SX– in 2007 it was Twitter and Foursquare made it big in 2009. We’re hoping that 2013 is the year for Thread, the first mobile app from our new (and awesome) client Sprezzat.

To put it simply Sprezzat is blowing up our current idea of caller ID, a technology that hasn’t seen any major innovation since being created nearly 30 years ago. With their new app for Android, Thread pulls all your contacts’ social information as well as your recent texts and emails with that person into one convenient Thread Card that pops up on the incoming call screen, allowing you to gain some context before answering (or ignoring) the call – we like to think of the Thread Card as a nice little cheat sheet before having a conversation. More than that, you can interact you’re your connections on Twitter and Facebook directly through Thread – making the app your new homebase for social.

[Check out the Thread Caller ID App – Promo Video from Sprezzat Inc. on Vimeo]

The Thread App has had a great launch at this year’s Interactive, and is causing some important people to take notice – we’re talking IDG News Service, BetaKit, Walt Mossberg and Katie Boehret from the Wall Street Journal, and maybe even the big guy himself, Shaq (check out Thread’s video submission here). But Sprezzat’s not done yet. After of long weekend of interviews and networking, the Sprezzat guys will take to the stage Monday at 12:30 to compete in the mobile portion of the SXSW Accelerator competition. They’ve got some great competition presenting alongside them, but we think that Thread will come out on top (though we may be biased…).

If you’ve got an Android phone, and are interested in seeing how Thread can change the conversation you have on your mobile, head to the Google Play store and download Thread for free. But, when you end up falling in love, don’t mind if we say we told you so.

Thread App

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