This is How You Do It

  • May 8, 2012
  • Starr Million Baker

Speaking of visually telling a story, check out this SlashGear video of our client Tech21’s CEO Jason Roberts explaining the technology behind impactology and the line of Tech21 cases:

He uses real language (and I’m sure there is plenty of tech jargon he could have thrown in there). He uses analogies we can all understand. He shares examples of how the tech’s been used before (in a rocket, how cool is that) AND he visually shows examples of how the tech does what it says it will do – protects, his finger in this case. Pretty impressive stuff all the way around.

Oh and the other thing that’s impressive? The team making the magic happen, and with less than the time it takes to properly form a habit (they say that takes two weeks, btw) – Kari, Allison, Jennifer and Jessica. Nice job ladies!

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