Secure Your Throne

  • February 22, 2013
  • INK Team

This post comes from INK alumna Rachael Shappard.

This past week, Burger King and Jeep had the misfortune of having their Twitter accounts hacked – a PR nightmare. Many B2B and B2C companies use social media as a branding tool for their businesses, so what can companies do to avoid their brand from being hacked? For one, don’t follow MTV’s lead of fake hacking your own account to gain publicity. Whoever said, “Any publicity is good publicity” was wrong. There is such a thing as bad publicity. To prevent your company’s social accounts from being hacked, follow these steps.

Create a strong, unique password

It may sound obvious, but many companies (and consumers) are guilty of practicing poor password habits.  INK client, CSID, conducted a survey last September that revealed consumer password habits. They found that 61% of consumers reuse passwords across multiple sites. To create a strong password, use an alphanumeric phrase with punctuation. The more obscure, the better. If you’re guilty of easily forgetting your passwords and want to add an extra layer of protection, try using a password manager.

Update your password frequently

The CSID password survey found that 44% of consumers change their passwords once a year or less. We’re not saying you need to change your password on a daily basis, but you should get in the habit of updating your password every few months. By doing so, you’ll make it harder for a hacker to hack you and make your PR team breathe a little easier.

Keep your devices up-to-date

Better safe than sorry. Many forget to keep their device software up-to-date, which can increase the risks of your account being compromised. It takes no time at all to update your software. You can even turn on automatic updates in most cases.

These simple steps could help you avoid a similar PR crisis.

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