Work-Life Balance: The Ultimate Mash-Up

  • January 28, 2015
  • INK Team

Warning! Humble brag approaching: INK is one of the coolest places to work. We have the best clients, an awesome office space, and a team of brilliant, driven and FUN individuals. Even though we have it pretty good at INK, working in PR isn’t always smooth sailing and creating the perfect work-life balance seems impossible at times. Luckily, by attending the first PRSA Austin event of the year, the team to was privy to what we like to call, “publicist therapy.” In just one short evening and a few glasses of wine, we were able to gain helpful perspective on creating a successful work-life balance – the key is in the mash-up.

It’s easy to imagine a world where work ends and personal life begins, but 99 percent of the time the two worlds collide. The PRSA event speaker pointed out that creating a work-life balance is incredibly painful because working and having fun aren’t always in perfect harmony. Instead of sticking to the term “balance,” why not view it as a mash-up where elements of your personal life come into your work-life and vice versa? Not everyone’s mash-up will be the same, but here are some pointers that I have found successful and might also work for you.

Rise and Shine

What would you do if you focused on yourself for 30 minutes a day? Would you write, meditate, workout, read, or simply sit still? By waking up earlier, I’ve found that I am creating time for myself – time that starts the day off on a positive and calm note. I used to find myself waking up and immediately checking emails, but now I wake up and head to the gym. It not only makes me feel good, but it gives me energy throughout the day.

Coffee date anyone?

If you have the ability to work from a remote location, do so every now and then. Whether you’re working from a hip coffee shop, a library, or outside by the pool, you can easily create a mash-up just by venturing different workspaces. Personally, I’m old school and really enjoy the coffee shop atmosphere. Mozart’s is my go-to!

Distribute Time

For all the workaholics out there, create boundaries that help relieve some of the stress. Allocating time away from mobile devices is incredibly important. For example, I’ve started small by not checking my phone while I eat. One more vital thing about distributing time, is allotting time to breathe. At the PRSA meeting, I received great advice on the benefits of taking a few deep breathes throughout the day; it helps you feel present and may help relax you.

Take a Vacation

An audience member suggested planning a vacation several months away. Doing this helps reduce the guilt when events pop up because your vacation has been scheduled and you are committed. I haven’t scheduled mine yet, but Colorado sounds pretty awesome this time around.

Girl Scouts Rule

Now I don’t have any “real” kids (sorry, Snickers), but I will say coming from a big family has shown me how stressful kids can be when you have work to do. Some of my best days at INK are when the mini-INKers join us. A great way to develop a successful mash-up is sharing your work-life with your kids. It shows them what you’re doing all day and where you spend a lot of time. Not only is it good for your kids, but bringing them by helps your co-workers understand a crucial part of your personal life. Give them a reason to stop by the office and make it a small event that the whole team can enjoy. One of the best examples I have is when Starr’s adorable Girl Scouts came by to sell delicious cookies – we all loved it!

I’d love to hear the steps you’re taking to create a mash-up that works for you!

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