The Pit Stop: Social media moves fast. Refuel to keep up.

  • May 31, 2018
  • Carly Ilvento

This month, we’re talking about platforms giving users and brands the ability to speak up or shut up. Whether your cousin is posting her failed leaning Tower of Pisa photos to Instagram like it’s an Airdrop folder or if all you want is a Flamenco dress straight from Spain itself for Halloween 2021, the newest features on both Instagram and Facebook can help with that.

Post Malone or mute the post? You decide.
Don’t want to lose friends but want lose sight of their posts in your feed? With the new “mute” feature, your wish is Instagram’s command. Instagram will soon give users the power to mute posts and stories from brands they don’t want to spend any more money on, and people they don’t want to see attempting a cheers boomerang that took 74 tries. This feature gives feeds a custom feel: See what you like to “like” and mute what/who makes you question why you clicked “follow” in the first place. Want your feed to be puppies, Post Malone, and ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriends? Go crazy and put the people and brands that drive you crazy on mute.

Some advice for brands: Keep cadence and content unmute-able. Don’t post too much. Add images, videos, and stories to your feed that constantly keeps users clicking through, double tapping, and sharing with their followers. Constantly think of how your content answers the question: Why do our followers care? Why should they care?

PS: Think your followers love you? Just wait until your post is on THEIR story and then you’ll really be feeling the double-tap. The newest live feature on Instagram lets users share other accounts’ posts directly to their story. Don’t get muted. Get shared. If you’re unsure how, put some time into figuring out just who your followers are and create share-worthy content based on their activity and other followed accounts. Both the mute feature and shared story stickers are a wake up call for brands, so wake up and smell the turmeric latte everyone’s apparently crazy about now.

Want to know what I’ll be talking about in Pit Stops to come as Instagram introduces shiny new features? Digital Trends has a sneak preview for the low price of free.

Facebook giving Messenger a much-needed makeover (say that ten times fast)
Facebook is bringing augmented reality (AR) to messenger and tech-savvy brands can hop on the bandwagon. The Camera Effects Platform gives brands the opportunity to wow their audience straight from the chat, using brand specific, pre-populated filters and AR effects. Be like Nike and make your product pop up all over with a subtle push from AR technology. Think about the product you want to highlight as a brand, how you want to integrate it into AR, and then watch it take over groups and stories everywhere.

I feel like there’s something between us. A language barrier, maybe?
If you’re a small business, a thrill-seeking thrifter, or a small business supporter, the new M suggestions for translations connects people of different languages. While English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations will be the first to roll out in the US, be on the lookout for additional languages as the feature makes its initial descent into your messenger. Brands can most effectively use this feature for customer service and general inquiry purposes. Further connect with all of your closest fans, simplify your live chat strategy, and make new fans from all over the world (once more languages are launched). Customers take their inquiries personally. With M suggestions for translations, brands can too.

PS: Facebook stories may seem a little out of your comfort zone. May we suggest trying it now that there’s an 
audio feature, letting you say what you want and how you want (in any language you want).