The Pit Stop: Social media moves fast. Refuel to keep up.

  • June 29, 2018
  • Carly Ilvento

Calling all TV lovers, tap-happy shoppers, and self-proclaimed influencers. This month’s Pit Stop is for you. Instagram is going in for the kill on cable (except, not really). It’s also interrupting this Story of a boho chic living room to bring you clickable, shoppable buttons. Facebook is calling all social media influencers and those brands who need a helping hand on social media to “collab.” Like P!nk, let’s have really cool hair, ripped abs, and get this party started.

BRB, going to read a book for the first time since dinosaurs roamed thanks to IGTV.

Now with one billion monthly active users, the big I-G decided to launch something B-I-G.

IGTV is the newest app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite accounts. Follow along with your faves like the almost-better-than-Beyonce phenoms at Millenium Dance Complex, the #fitfoodies (but not really) at TasteMade, and the men of the hour (erm, month) of the FIFA World Cup.

My question: Is IGTV necessary, extra, or the Chipotle guac  kind of extra where you just deal with it? According to Instagram, this is how IGTV differs from your normal feed and therefore is a necessary app:

  • Don’t waste your time on horizontal videos, all IGTV videos are full-screen and vertical. (Because I know you were squinting before this.)
  • Tired of scrolling through your feed- aka fulfilling the purpose of Instagram- searching for something new once your video is over?!? Test your attention span. Each IGTV video can be up to one hour long.
  • Like the pre-existing stories, recommendations on Discover, and direct messaging available on Instagram, IGTV also shows you content from people you follow, recommends other accounts based on your interests, and allows you to comment on and send videos, directly. Groundbreaking.

Why am I so salty? IGTV seems extra, and not in the upcharge for guac kind of way. It doesn’t offer an intuitive outlet for brands, nor influencers. The original Instagram has one billion monthly active users. Why? Because it’s simple, effective, and caters to the fly-type attention span of its users. Bye, IGTV. There, I said it.

Hide your wallets. Hide your phone. Because you can now windowshop in Instagram stories.

Were you already tempted by/sucked into shopping for anything from graphic mid-calf socks to overpriced glass water bottles through shoppable posts in your Instagram feed? I thought so. Well, now you’ll be seeing shoppable stories. Just click the shopping bag sticker while you’re clicking through and voila! You’ll be spending the money you were supposed to use for your sister-in-law’s baby shower extravaganza in no time. It’s child number three. She doesn’t need another gift.

Brands should be all over this feature. What’s more enticing about shopping in stories is the short-term, yet instant need a story purchase creates. That shopping bag icon will indeed disappear in 24 hours so your viewers better buy it ASAP. If you believe your products are one in a million, utilize the 300 million daily Story users and their interest in your products.

Like T-Pain and auto-tune, Facebook wants to collab (with influencers). The soon-to-be-released Brand Collabs Manager helps brands and relevant influencers swipe right on one another for a match made in content partnership heaven.

Once in Brand Collabs Manager, filter through a list of “creators” deemed relevant by Facebook based on brand promotion requirements, if they already like your Page, or if they’re within your designated geographic region. Could it be any easier? Yes. There’s also a percentage match on each creator’s profile to show how relative he or she is to your brand, audience reach, and creator category (like food, fashion, or travel). You can then use follower audiences of up to 8 million people to promote product and brand awareness. Teamwork makes the dream work so give Brand Colllabs Manger a spin. Brands: get ready to meet your creator.