The Pit Stop: Social Media Moves Fast. Refuel to Keep Up.

  • March 27, 2018
  • Carly Ilvento

Just like spring break 2018, Instagram is all the rage right now. Read on for some snippets on how shoppable posts, in-bio hashtags and mentions, and a refreshed algorithm are on track to grow the ‘gram and maybe even your number of followers. (However, if your content is sub-par I can’t help you there).

One more reason to move to Canada: Residents can also now shop on Instagram.
Instagram released shoppable posts in the U.S. back in 2016. Now, the ‘gram is finally giving Canada, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. the opportunity to buy that one size fits all swimsuit they never wanted. Don’t return them all at once. The expansion into Brazil is especially significant since this country also holds the second largest market on Instagram.
International retail brands need to up their marketing strategy five extra steps and eight regions farther. My advice? Market to these new shoppable locations, work diligently with the language barriers, and promote frequently bought products in those regions. Finally, put it all together in a shoppable post. You can thank me later.

Tell people about yourself  in your Instagram bio without saying, “Live, Laugh, Lift💪”
Well-played, Instagram. Now, users can include a # or @ in your bio. The content that follows becomes a live link that leads to a hashtag page or another profile. While @beyonce’s #beyhive, #ootd enthusiasts, and @adidas #sneakerheads will thrive, so will brands.

Brands can use these features to mention larger brand counterparts, event partners, and sponsors. Hashtags are essential to indicate the markets, trends, and industries in which a brand holds credibility and value to its audience. Plus, event, retail release, and campaign-specific hashtags will lead brand followers to learn, and ultimately engage, more. It’s really a win-win, so show your bio some more #love.

Guess who’s (sort of) back? Back again. Instagram heard your complaints about receiving likes two days after posting, failing to drive RSVPs to your events, and posting sometimes-expired content all because of its new algorithm. Well, while the chronological cadence is not back in all its glory, a “new post” button feature will be popping up on your feeds soon.

Brands should be rejoicing (for the most part). While newer posts will be prioritized in this refreshed algorithm and users will have the option to see new posts with literally the touch of a button, brands cannot sit back and relax. Push announcements, releases, and other timely content early and often to increase engagement, interest, and awareness. Think you’re posting too much? Tag a trusted brand or partner to help promote your timely content, leading back to your profile and/or hashtags and links.