The Pit Stop: Instagram Nametags, Facebook Watch & Snapchat Lenses

  • April 25, 2018
  • Carly Ilvento

Like Cardi B, brands like speaking their own language to their fans. This month’s Pit Stop is all about brands being able to reach a specific audience with their specific voice. If you’re resisting the follow-for-follow from your uncle on Instagram, you now have no excuse with the new Instagram Nametag feature. Cancel on plans with friends and family for another binge-watching outlet, Facebook Watch. Think you can budget your screen time and shopping time? Downloadable and shoppable Snapchat lenses are making sure there’s no escape.   

Making it easier to slide into DMs
With its new QR codes, the ‘Gram is making it even easier to follow that girl you told your entire life story to in the bar bathroom last night. Basically the same dang thing as Snapchat’s QR codes, Instagram’s “Nametags” allow you to meet a rando somewhere and easily follow them without having to actually know their name. So, “I love that bracelet! Where did you get it?” turns into an actual connection and not just a distant memory.

What’s even more fun about this following feature is what brands will be able to do with it once it’s out of test mode. Brands will be able to flaunt their Nametag anywhere they can reach their audiences in person. As long as the girl with the cute bracelet can add your Nametag using her Instagram camera, you’re golden. Plus: OMG your brand is “like the best thing that’s ever happened to her.”

PS: Instagram also rolled out Focus (aka Portrait) mode for videos and photos. For when your budget doesn’t have room for a fancy camera you have to well, focus.


You can now “skip ad after 5 seconds” on Facebook
Facebook Watch may be Youtube’s newest competition. With video weighing in heavily on Facebook’s continue-to-do list, the Watch platform is beaming in the spotlight with new monetization options for brands and their savvy video creators. Unfamiliar with Facebook Watch? Brands and their video creators, industry influencers, or popular video creators themselves can launch shows. Step one: Find your faves. Step two: Watch the episodes as they air. Step three: Facebook Watch and chill? Doesn’t flow as well, but I’ll work on it.

Episodes full of child cooking stars and the meals they can probably make ten times better than you could have a variety of ads sprinkled on top of this creativity cupcake called Watch. Pre-roll ads, you guessed it, will play before a selected video. Preview trailers will play preview ads for other shows on Watch. Think of them as a little sneak peek. Ad breaks are the commercials you never want in shows but then you realize you have to pee or grab that other pint of ice cream or something anyway. If you’re a producer, you can also submit your videos through a pre-publish brand safety check, ensuring your video allows for ad optimization and hopefully skipping any hiccups once live.

If applicable brands don’t use this to their advantage, I have one thing to say: What’s stopping you? You have no excuse! Rethink your strategy. Put out new content. I don’t want a Facebook poll anymore. I want something that’s there for me when I can’t leave the house because it’s partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Okay, I had more than one thing to say.      


There’s no faking a #nofilter on these
The lens that currently turns users into a meerkat could be Snapchat’s most important feature for brands right here, right now. Why? Brands can now make lenses shoppable and downloadable, meaning you can get the newest headphones from Bose or the latest version of the Heads Up! app by tapping through on Snapchat.

If you want your brand and products shown to the more than 70 million people who swipe through the lenses each day, then I suggest you throw down a hunk of change for a lens. Have extra ad dollars to spend or not sure where you should spend your ad dollars? Snapchat lens. Want your branding and name sent to a bunch of people who meet your target audience? Hello! This is also an awareness opportunity. Snapchat lens. I don’t look too hot as a meerkat but these lenses are shareable and rampant. Do it.