The Big Show Approaches…

  • February 7, 2011
  • INK Team

We are officially less than two weeks away from the Austin Marathon. This morning, I checked in with a few of the members of the INK running team and I’d have to say there is a fair share of healthy nerves as we hurdle toward Feb. 20. This is particularly true for our first time marathoners, Allison and Jennifer. I know beyond a doubt they are more ready than they know. For one thing, they have trained with the amazing Gilbert Tuhabonye of the popular local running group, Gilbert’s Gazelles. Because it’s their first time to train for 26.2, they can’t compare their experience to training without such expert guidance. I’ve told them, if they just turn up at the start line and do what Gilbert says, they’ll kill it…and they will. I can’t wait to witness it.

Blair will be participating in the half. Again, I have to credit her for inspiring this whole INK running craze. I have been her partner in this insanity since she took on her first marathon back in 2008. Blair actually trained herself for the event. I have exponential respect and admiration for anyone that relies on their own will and motivation to develop the physical and mental fortitude to run 26.2. I have to pay a scrappy, slightly insane man from Burundi, Africa to make me run. Gilbert employs tactics such as jumping out of the shadows of the trail to chase you while screaming, “The lion is coming!” He may have also called the INK offices before when someone missed a practice or two ;-). However unorthodox his ways may be, they work to make you show up and run fast. Kari will also be running the half for another year. And Helen, who is nursing an injured ankle, had to join us down in the 13.1 ranks but will be putting on a brave face to run, nonetheless. Hmm…what’s missing here? Starr, I am looking at you ;-). Adrienne gets off as she’s about to have a baby any day but next year, my pretties, we’ll get you….both.

Arguably, the majority of us would not be participating in this event if we were not running to raise money for Blue Dog Rescue. It was either the motivation for some of us to run or to bug others to run. It’s also our reason to sound a final call for donations. Blue Dog Rescue is an Austin-based volunteer organization whose purpose is to end the needless killing of homeless dogs. To date, Blue Dog has rescued 1,800 dogs by fostering them in private homes where they receive basic obedience lessons, house training and socialization skills until their permanent homes are found. Fosters receive full health exams, vaccinations and are spayed and neutered if necessary. Blue Dog covers the cost of needed medication, treatment and surgery. Funds are generated only through donations, fundraisers and adoption fees. To help us: please visit: Donate whatever amount you wish to any of our running team members.

Thanks ever so much for your support!

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