Tell Stories with Data

  • December 19, 2016
  • INK Team

Some ideas just stand out. They jump off the page and into the part of your brain where you collect actionable insight. If you’ve ever attended a conference, you know it’s a breeding ground for good ideas. After attending the Digital Summit Dallas a few weeks ago, I returned home with an idea I wholeheartedly believe in. Tell stories with data.

At INK, we pride ourselves on our ability to dive into a pool of information and rise to the surface with the right data. Of course, the idea of telling a story is nothing new. In fact, the mentioning of “storytelling” could trigger the proverbial eye roll. But have you ever stopped to wonder why the idea of storytelling still exists? It’s because storytelling has time-and-time again established itself as a powerful way to share insights in a memorable way.

So where to begin? Several sessions at the summit emphasized collecting data to develop personas. Understanding a customers’ personas will not only allow content creators to create a story that speaks to directly to their audience but ensure it will resonate. Often a good place to start is digging into quantitative or qualitative research with your existing customers. This data will allow you to understand their point of view and discover what makes them tick.

One speaker put into perspective: If you harness the data to understand the personas of your consumers, you’ll figure out what you’re trying to solve for and how to best to communicate it through content. If you truly understand your audience and create stories that speak directly to them—you hold real value.

Not sold on the idea of stories? Then maybe allow this data will convince you otherwise. A study by Stanford professor Chip Heath found that 63% of people could remember stories, but only 5% could recall a single statistic. So if you’re looking for a way to make your message stick, storytelling (with the help of data) is the way to go.

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