Taking the Podium

  • January 8, 2013
  • INK Team

It’s a rainy day and the office is silent, with half of the Austin INKers in Vegas for CES. While they’re up to their heads in gadgets and gizmos, I’ve got a few other things on my mind – like prepping for another year with the Gazelle Foundation.

Actually, we heard some pretty exciting news this week: y’all voted Run for the Water as one of the Austin’s best running races of 2012, in a contest by Austin Fit Magazine. Right there between the Livestrong Marathon and the Capitol 10K. And if you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that we headed the social media accounts for R4TW and the Gazelle Foundation last year, including rounding up votes from followers for the Austin Fit contest. Even with our work, though, it all came down to the race itself (superb), the cause (meaningful) and the community support (unbeatable).

And how about a quick shout out to Gilbert Tuhabonye? He’s the man behind R4TW and the Gazelle Foundation, and he was voted one of Austin’s best runners in the Austin Fit contest. That’s right. RUNNER.

(Meanwhile, I am sitting here on our office couch thinking about maybe, possibly jumping on the treadmill later.)

Anyway, here’s to another year of genuine work with the Gazelle Foundation. There’s a lot in store for 2013 – including an event with a foodie celeb. Shhh. Stay tuned.

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