Taking that next step

  • November 10, 2010
  • INK Team

Let me introduce our intern, Courtney Borne:

As I sit at my very own large desk in the INK office (which some might call a conference table), I notice that the Halloween candy from the office party last week is still sitting next to me. I continue to eat it (like a good intern should), and wonder what is it about those cartoon M&Ms on the package that keep me coming back for more? Somewhere along the way, there was an idea. But it wasn’t just the idea that sells millions of M&Ms every year at Halloween; someone had to create the brand for this classic candy staple that ranks in the top five for candy sales each year. But this isn’t just about candy, and good PR doesn’t just stop at building the brand – it’s about taking your client to the next step.

This is what I have been learning during my first several months as an intern at INK. Over the past few months, I have been introduced to words like “coverage report” and “engagement triggers” and “Bluetooth SIG.” Along with these new words, I have also changed the way I have been taught to think about the world of public relations. Working with the INK team so far has taught me that taking a client’s business from good to great takes a lot of strategic and specialized attention to all the details. This is what the ladies at INK do best, and the skills I am acquiring working closely with this team are invaluable.

My goals from now until graduation (32 days…. but who’s counting?) are to take in every last bit of my last month as an undergrad student. This will include finals mostly, but also soaking up every piece of advice that I can about the real world before I am sent out to conquer it. 😉 This whole experience has been a great adventure for me so far, and I hope to continue learning about the PR industry with the help of my new family at INK.

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