What do INK, SXSW and "yarn bombing" have in common? thINK about it!

  • March 10, 2011
  • Kari Hernandez

INK PR yarn bombs SXSWi with the help of Knitta, Please

Welcome to Austin and SXSWi everyone! We just finished set up a few hours ago and with a few final touches tomorrow morning, “thINK” will be ready to roll.

INK is hosting the green room in the Austin Convention Center throughout SXSWi and commissioned a truly awesome art installation for the space.  Yes, those are four-foot tall letters and 20+ balls covered in knitting, and we agree, they are bad ass.

The goal was to create something unexpected that would grab the speakers’ attention and make them smile. We also wanted to embrace the creative, irreverent, innovative spirit of SXSWi, which we also believe is a reflection of our approach to communications.  I thINK Austin-based artists Magda Sayeg and Catherine Smith of Knitta, Please took this to another level (check out their blog for other awesome projects like the one they just completed for the Blanton Museum and for the opening of the new Austin City Limits).

When Magda first started “yarn bombing” in 2005 with her then-anonymous knitting grafitti, it was her response to the dehumanizing qualities of an urban environment. By inserting handmade art in a landscape of concrete and steel, or in this case, carpet and stark conference room walls, she adds a human quality that otherwise would not exist. To us, the thINK installation represents INK and everyone here at SXSW Interactive who are adding the unexpected and the human quality to business and communications through fresh, innovative thINKing.

Come check this out on the second floor of the convention center (room 4-ABC). We thINK it’s pretty awesome.  We thINK you’re pretty awesome.  Have a great SXSW y’all.

Holy balls, this is cool

***Many, many thanks to the lovely and talented Allison Glass for her tireless efforts on this project as well as my very patient and resourceful husband Dave for handling all the practical elements of thINK.  I can’t wait until you’re speaking to me again :-).

3 responses to “What do INK, SXSW and "yarn bombing" have in common? thINK about it!”

  1. Yes, thank you so much to Allison, Dave, and YOU – what a proud moment! Love it so much and can’t wait to see it in our new office (even if we have to expand the space to fit it all in ;-)).

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  3. I am excited by everythingthat Austin helps us become better designers. I started out doing local web design and now I have people that work for me and I love that ATX has been there with great activities for designing and art appreciation. Happy to be in Texas and I love ATX

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