Will Gilbert

You would never guess from meeting me, but I grew up on a small farm in the unincorporated community of Natural Bridge, Virginia, where cows outnumber humans. I spent most of my childhood befriending characters in books, which is why I think I have such an affinity for telling stories.

When I attended Virginia Commonwealth University, I wanted to combine my studies with my passion for video, theater, and desire to change the world, so I majored in broadcast journalism. I dabbled in PR in college, but followed the journalism track shortly after graduation, found out it wasn’t for me, and ran back to PR.

Despite my heavy background in video, at INK I get to put my writing chops, creativity and strategic mind to the test by telling a brand’s story through social media. As social media is ever-changing, my role at INK allows me to learn something new every day.

In my free time you can find me at one of the many breweries Colorado has to offer or eating at one of the new restaurants popping up. Basically, food and drink are my love languages.

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