Stephen Barkan

Although I grew up in Austin, I left for Tulane University around the time the smell of tacos started influencing people to move here, so in many ways, the city is just as new to me as it is to them. While I’m now a junior designer at INK, I went to college for music composition, planning on pursuing a completely different career path. I didn’t dip my toes into design until I had the opportunity during an AmeriCorps term with a nonprofit in New Orleans. I loved it so much that when my term ended I worked as a freelancer for other nonprofits and taught myself everything I could about design. Ten months later I joined INK where I am continuing to learn and helping clients meet and exceed their goals through thoughtful and effective design!

I’m excited to be a part of a fantastic design team and enjoy working together to come up with creative concepts that inspire others.

In my free time, I compose music (hit me up on soundcloud) and try to catch up on all the awesome aspects of Austin that I missed out on during the six years I was gone.

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