Shelley Nall

As a proud Texan, my favorite things include Tex-Mex, Texas beer, and the Texas Longhorns…. and INK where I’m lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people for fascinating and fun clients.

Over the years, I’ve applied my BS in Advertising from the Texas Creative Program to help plan and execute communications programs at an international law firm, a global architectural group, a startup video game developer, and, at INK, to a number of clients doing innovative work in a variety of industries, including tech, green energy and healthcare.

I offer my personalized mix of left-brain organization with right-brain craftiness to meet whatever the challenge of the day might be. I love complicated excel spreadsheets and can make a mean chart, but more importantly, I am determined to find the story within the noise. My true work-joy is connecting research to a specific context, turning numbers into valuable insights for my clients.

Outside the office, my favorite past time is picking things up and putting them down again (I pretend to be a powerlifter). You’ll also find me outside, either on one of the hike and bike trails around town with my big, dumb dogs or on a patio on the East Side.

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