Scott Beck

I’m of the rare species called the Colorado native (Coloradi Nativuus). That means I was skiing and snowboarding here when people on the coasts still thought we rode horse-and-buggy to school. After graduating from University of Colorado with a degree in creative writing, I got into the technical writing hustle. For a while, I specialized in researching, writing and managing Wikipedia pages for various startups and entrepreneurs, helping my clients navigate the back-alleys and unlit streets of the Wikimedia community (rest assured, I always followed notability guidelines). From there, I started copywriting at a B2B marketing agency, before moving into UX copywriting and content design (which is where I evolved into my latest form as a Content Strategist).

At INK, I cook up sizzling hot content strategies and execute mellifluous copy on the daily. I think the value of research cannot be overstated, so I work with my clients at INK to make analytics-informed content decisions.

Some final notes about me as a human: I play drums, piano and guitar, and performed with a band on the road for a short time. I collect records and spin under the name DJ Cornelius Sweetwater (soul, funk, international deep-cuts). I studied wine in my early 20s with aspirations of being a sommelier (level one CMS certified!), so I’m happy to nerd out about oenology. I always have an horchata with my burrito.

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