Sami Sauerman

I’m a Minnesota-born, small town Wisconsin-raised (Go Pack Go!), former Angeleno, turned Denver transplant. While I’ve called many places home, I still hold true to my Midwest roots keeping it kind, working hard and living by my father’s favorite phrase: “If you’re bucked off your horse, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the saddle.” On occasion, I also maintain my Northwood’s Wisconsin accent. If you hear it slip out, consider yourself #blessed.

Prior to finding my home at INK, I worked at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide in Los Angeles and Denver where my clients were pretty diverse. I’ve dabbled in tourism, healthcare, corporate social responsibility, automotive, plastics, medical nutrition products and more. I’ve worn many fabulous hats and always sprinkle in my media relations, project management and organizational skills like confetti. As a Senior Account Executive at INK, I focus on media relations, content development and account strategy. But the train doesn’t stop there. Agency life brings new and different tasks, projects and challenges every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A few of my favorite things include eating ice cream, exploring Colorado’s beautiful mountains, riding my horse Chief, doing country western things, exploring magical new lands and meeting marvelous characters. I also love a good book and re-watching Game of Thrones while subjecting my cat Missy to forced snuggles.

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