Mallory Baker

I am a proud Denver native, unable to escape Colorado’s pristine landscape, eclectic small towns, amazing microbrews, endless green chili, and the knarliest peaks for shredding in the US.

I earned a degree in Journalism and Media Communication from Colorado State University, where I spent an amazing four years, including a semester in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Though I considered veterinary medicine (specializing in adorable animals of course), I realized I understand people better. PR quickly captured my interest and stole my heart. I’ve worked in a variety of verticals, representing a wide swatch of people from politicians to designers, and learned endless amounts along the way.

At INK, I work on content, media relations, strategy, and like everyone in PR, all the things in between. Nothing thrills me more than knowing that by the end of the day, I may suddenly be an expert on nuclear power station security or furniture social influencers. After years of dreaming of the day I no longer had homework, I relish in the opportunity at INK to be a lifelong student. Between all that fun, I am the resident aunt to all INK dogs, where I spoil them endlessly with pets and being featured on my Instagram story.

Away from the office, you can find me repeatedly asking waiters if their green chili is actually spicy (because it can never be spicy enough), surprising people by hablando en español, and serving as a board member for The Denver VOICE, a street newspaper that provides economic opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in the Denver metro area.

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