Kersa Haughey

Born and raised in Seattle by a florist and a marketing master, I’m a proud Pacific Northwest expat with creative roots. My native Texas husband and I bounced back and forth between my beloved rainy city and the lone star state, but ultimately something about Texas sticks with you, so now Austin is our home. While I’m not a local, I plan to continue eating tacos for every meal until I earn duel SEA-ATX citizenship.

After blissfully spending my college summers (which are apparently meant for internships) helping my mother at her flower shop, I ended up trying my hand at everything from legal assistance at a firm specializing in ranch disputes to fashion photography and merchandising. I graduated with a degree in Business/Marketing from Trinity University in San Antonio, but when I found myself in the PR agency life I was hooked.

While  I primarily focus on media relations and account strategy here at INK, my days are anything but the same. That’s agency life for you, and a big reason why I love this job. I’d also like to casually note that I have above average organization skills, and am a fervent user of old school paper planners (wow, impressive!).

Away from the office, I am a self-proclaimed serial houseplant killer, and a lover of the “almost” indestructible cacti. Cooking for others and being surrounded by friends, family, and my pups is what I love most, which means I can find just about any reason to throw a party. If I’m not at home, you can find me expanding my neutral color story wardrobe (black is always the new black), checking out new restaurants in town, or lounging around Austin’s many cocktail-ready patios.

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