Emma Phillips

Born and raised just outside of San Francisco, and educated at the lovely Cal Poly University, I can’t exactly call myself an Austinite… yet. Directly after graduating with my BFA in Art & Design, with a concentration in Graphic Design, I packed up my Civic and moved to Austin. I simply wanted to try something new (and if nothing else, to eat some good food)! After discovering INK, Eastciders, breakfast tacos, and the fact that I can indeed survive the summer heat, I don’t quite see what could pull me away from Austin anytime soon!

I gained a good amount of corporate in-house design experience while in college, working as a graphic designer for the University. Now I am excitedly diving into agency life and PR as INK’s designer. I adore designing with INK and working with so many wonderful clients.

There are a few things in life that get me jazzed up: sitcoms, the duo that is Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, animal rescue groups and bully breeds, crafts, and a tight harmony. I love Jessica Hische, the ampersand, a well-designed booze bottle, and all things visual and creative.

Growing up, I was enthralled by and trained in both studio art and voice, and in a parallel universe I am a choir director.

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