Blair Poloskey

My older sister and I have very different competitive styles. Dr. Jennifer Grossman sees something she isn’t very good at and bends it to her will.  I, on the other hand, find things where I have moderate advantage, then I pounce.  My career is a pretty solid example of this.

I love the written word.  When I found INK (or did INK find me?), Starr and Kari defined themselves as “professional storytellers in search of the right words and the right audience for your tale of success.” I was immediately drawn to this assessment of PR.  I thought to myself, I have a moderate advantage as a storyteller, I bet I could do good things here.  So I pounced.

I now serve INK Communications Co. as VP and Partner.  I work across a diverse group of INK clients, constantly seeking out their advantages, and helping them pounce.  I also delight in client services – being there before my client even knows they need me and far exceeding their expectations.

Helping grow INK is one of my greatest sources of pride.  It is right up there with my husband, kids, and alma mater (Hook’em!).  Alright, that’s enough.  Settle down.


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