Abby O’Connor

I grew up hopping between military bases from California to Germany, learning the things that every Army kid does (like if you’re not early, you’re late, and how to use the 24-hour clock). Eventually I settled in Texas, adopted it as my home state, and attended The University of Texas at Austin to study public relations. As a small form of rebellion against my transient roots, I happily stayed put in Austin post-graduation.

During my time at UT, I explored non-profit communications throughout the Austin community. Initially focusing on photography, videography, writing, and social media for Girlstart and Manos de Cristo, I eventually transitioned into account management. At the university’s student-run PR firm, Texas Tower, I led a team of passionate volunteers to amplify the amazing work being done by Paws of Austin, a Great Dane rescue organization.

Soon after joining the INK team, my knack for mining data and thinking analytically led me to semi-specialize in research (hence the long, long job title). Within INK Research + Insights, I serve as the resident expert in People Pattern, our primary audience intelligence tool, and the unofficial expert in sarcastic commentary.  Outside of research, the other part of my job allows me to collaborate, strategize, and create alongside our comms and content teams.  You could call it the best of both worlds.

When temps are below 90, you’ll find me running in South Austin to the beat of whichever Korean pop song is blasting in my ear buds. Otherwise, catch me on Instagram under the tag #SockCrushSunday – where I attempt to get some use out of all my socks when the Texas heat doesn’t allow for actual wear.

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