Sqeezing Efficiency Out Of Editorial Calendar Monitoring

  • April 12, 2011
  • INK Team

These 4 ‘E’s’: Efficiency, Energy, Enlightenment and Effectiveness are an INK mantra. In our time crunched world, it’s the efficiency ‘E’ that is most often top of mind for me. This is why I recently looked into a monitoring service for editorial calendar opportunities. It’s a process that is supremely time intensive (digging through topics print publications will cover in the upcoming year to identify which are relevant to your clients and pitch accordingly). I wanted to see if a service could #1) pull better searches than our team can manually and #2) if it was worth the cost. I decided outsourcing this to a vendor was not the way we wanted to go . And along the way, I learned something about how we recommend this tactic to all clients.

For companies with more mainstream stories to tell, we were catching opportunities as part of our ongoing proactive, news announcement and rapid response pitching. I did find some gems for our clients with more niche stories to tell but they were few and far between and therefore not worth the thousands of dollars we would have paid a vendor to do this for us. Finally, I believe there is value to be gained in the form of industry insights and building relationships with media that can be gained from rolling up your sleeves and doing granular research like this from time to timeā€¦no matter your job title. So we decided to keep this in house but the exercise confirmed something I had always assumed.

Ed cal opps can be time consuming/expensive to monitor and they are not for everyone, so be strategic with how the tactic is applied. They offer the most opportunity for companies with specific offerings and/or stories to tell. They let you find those needle in the haystack stories for niche play clients. When you can tackle outreach for more mainstream clients via proactive and news announcement outreach, spend time that would have been used on ed cal monitoring toward something more creative and results oriented.

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