Social Media Thoughts From NewCo

  • July 28, 2016
  • INK Team

Yesterday INK had the privilege of hosting a NewCo session at INK HQ. As the team’s content strategist, I was slated to speak on how social media strategy has played an intricate role in the evolution of PR. Now despite the fact that I’m incredibly camera shy, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you can watch the entire session on our INK Facebook page. You can find that right here. Give it a ‘Like’ while you’re at it.

Now, after our session wrapped up, the team digested what garnered the most buzz in the session. We weren’t surprised to learn that social media raised the most questions. We get it, internally we’re been turning the dial up on our social media efforts, even though it’s been a focus for years. Relationships have gone digital and that means they’ve gone social.

PR has evolved everywhere from media relations to creative direction, but a program that touches them all is social media. Although it’s intimidating, I like folks to keep in mind that social media brings you nothing but future opportunities. Like all successful strategies, building out your foundation will be key to meeting your objectives in the social space.

Know your audience: A good place to start is the same place you’d start when pitching a journalist. Know your audience. In the session, I spoke on how you don’t need to be on every social channel, spreading yourself and your content too thin. Be purposeful about who’s hanging out in your communities when writing your social content. What could attract a story? A new follower? Generate a lead?

Create a calling card: If your website is the place where a journalist can do more research about your business or a potential consumer can dive into your products, then your social media accounts should be your digital calling card. Social networks are an extension of your brand that should successfully represent your key messaging and visual brand.

Build relationships: Another thing to keep in mind is that journalist or potential partners are real people behind the computer screen. They are leveraging their social media accounts to share their latest article or connect with people like you. Dare to take your networking skills a bit further? Meet folks at local events. You’d be surprised to see how online and offline relationships can work together.

Try testing ads: Talk about being purposeful. Social media ads are worth testing out a little bit of ad dollars to get your content some fresh eyes. A little goes a long way and by reviewing insights, you can realign future campaigns to get a bigger bang for your buck the next time around.

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