SMILE, You’re at SXSW: Awards Edition

  • March 19, 2012
  • INK Team

Well, we did it. We made it through another SXSW—the whole shebang. Beyond the marathon of intellectual inspiration, music discovery and free food, I’d have to say my favorite part was the photo booth we put together for INK’s Green Room sponsorship.

Three criteria are crucial to the success of a photo booth

1. The camera. Smilebooth’s innovative technology produces high quality photos.

2. The props. Leslie Blevins contributed her craft, creativity and sleeping time to make our unbelievably spectacular props and backdrop.

3. The people. The heart of a photograph is the subject, so we thank all who participated.

We have closely analyzed each and every photo from the week, narrowing them down to a handful of favorites based on the following criteria: facial expression, body language, use of space, use of props and creativity and/or weirdness. We are pleased to present each of the following photos with a special recognition.

Award: Best Life Advice

Award: Best Advice

Award: Best Interpretation of Props

Award: Best Interpretation of Props

Award: Best Shameless Plug

Award: Best Shameless Plug

Award: Most Likely to be an INK Client (Gemalto)

Award: Most Likely to be INK' Client

Award: Most Adorable Nerd

Award: Cutest Nerd

Award: Best Representation of Austin

Award: Most Texan

Award: Most Air (we have a tie!)

Award (TIE): Best Jump

Award (TIE): Best Jump

Award: Best Unified Theme

Award: Most Unified Theme

Award: Best Interpretation of a Deer in Headlights

Award: Best Impression of a Deer in Headlights

Award: Best Accessorizing with Props (how well does that bow tie go with those glasses?)

Award: Best Matching of Prop to Existing Outfit (Bow Tie to Glasses)

See all the photos from the week on INK’s Facebook page. What do you think of the booth? Do you have a favorite photo or prop?

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