Smart Growth: New Faces at INK

  • June 5, 2017
  • Kim Mackley

If mantras were hashtags, our mantra for this year at INK is #growthisgood. While our growth goals can be a daunting challenge, at INK we make them very defined, and quite known – something to face head on and welcome (even if some days they do give my heart a little flutter).

Now, almost six months into the year, we’ve expanded each of our core teams – Content, Design, Social Media, Communications, and Operations; that balanced growth is no coincidence. By having a smart plan in place we’re ensuring that our hiring is meeting and exceeding the ever-growing communications needs of our clients. Here is a run down of the new faces you might be seeing at INK:

Strategic writing is and always will be at the core of what we do at INK, so recruiting talented writers and brand journalists is paramount to our growth. And already this year, we’ve added a seasoned wordsmith in Paige Buescher, who can turn the most complicated idea, product offerings, and process into clear, concise language that connects our partners with the audiences they want to reach.

Our creative design team was already an unstoppable group of graphic artists, illustrators, art directors, photographers, and animators. Adding to this design dream team is Emma Phillips, who joined us as a junior designer and is essential in bringing our client brands to life visually. Her work with the recent Whole Foods 365 store launch in Cedar Park delighted social media fans, shoppers, and young budding artists.

It is absolutely no surprise that we continue to experience high demand for all things digital and our social team is going and growing strong. Traci Mazurek joined us recently from Spredfast and brought along her extensive experience in social strategy, digital program design and measurement, as well as her ability to truly see how the pieces and parts of digital fits into larger communications programs. Also joining the team is Carly Ilvento, who cut her teeth on paid social strategy at W20 and is Hubspot and Facebook Blueprint certified and has completed Twitter flight school. She can post, tweet, snap, story, and update with the precision of a surgeon – direct, to the point, effective.

Media relations is an art, a science, and an essential component of earning our partners the credibility they deserve. Our comms teams work hard to earn coverage that makes a difference for our partners, and we couldn’t be any luckier to have our former intern, Mallory Baker join us full time this year to help the cause. Mallory was certainly an INKer from the start, having the drive, tenacity, and curiosity that makes our client partners love her and everyone want her on their team.

Finally, all this good growth couldn’t happen without a support team that makes sure all the things that need to get done behind the scenes gets done.  Abbey Korthals became our operations coordinator, and the office has never run so smoothly. She has a great combination of agency experience, project management, and patience that supports the day to day needs of our expanding team.

If you’re keeping count, that’s six people in six months. A pretty concrete example that #growthisgood here at INK. These new faces represent expansion that we’re working hard to achieve – an expansion of talent and experience to keep serving our partners as we always have – to be there before, to know what’s next, and to serve up the ‘Good Stuff’.

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