Small yet powerful.

  • November 14, 2010
  • Kari Hernandez

This month we have an ad in the O’Dwyer’s technology issue.  This is a first for us and a way of celebrating our recent Best Small Agency award from PRSourceCode and the 800 tech journalists that participated in their annual Top Tech Communicators survey.  It’s funny how a little award can make such a difference.  On a personal note, my extended family finally believes I have a real business.  At my sister’s recent wedding, instead of answering the many “how’s business?” questions with “good, busy,” I had something concrete to throw out there.  They ate it up.

It’s that third party validation that we always talk about with our clients.  You know you’re doing well.  Hopefully your customers know it too.  But to have a respected authority put a stamp on it, especially if that stamp includes the word “best,” well it’s a small but powerful thing. It’s great marketing of course and we’ve had a few calls we wouldn’t have had otherwise but it’s also psychological.  We’re realizing people are noticing what we’re doing and they like it.  Yeah we’re small,  but we’re exceptional at what we do.  It’s given us a shot of energy and confidence to take our business to a new level.  Which is good because I have to have something new to tell my Aunt Winnie at the next family gathering ;-).

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