Show Me Your Story

  • August 9, 2012
  • INK Team

This post comes from Allison Glass.

When people ask me what I do for a living ‘PR’ is the automatic response – but what does that mean? For our clients it means media relations, social media, message development and much more. For myself it means where I grew up, went to school, relationship status and where I have worked the last several years. Ever since the rise of Facebook, people want to know details – lots of details.  So why not take control of those details and still present a visually appealing comprehensive profile? The tools mentioned below are ones I have been experimenting with as I take my profile online. Proceed with caution.

Vizify is the latest to grab my attention. This tool creates an interactive infographic all about you (or me, in this case) including resume highlights, online activity and personal interests.  How does it work? Easy. Connect Vizify to your existing online channels and the service self-populates your profile in a matter of seconds. The best part about Vizify is that you can edit your content once it’s pulled and organize your page exactly how you like it. You can also set it to private to control who you share your details with. is a similar tool, but pulls information mainly from your LinkedIn profile into a dynamic infographic. With this format a resume reads in a visual timeline with bold blocks representing your work history – a downside for those who have long gaps in between jobs or want to focus more on their skill set.

PathBrite is a new tool that I think is genius – especially for young graduates or those searching for a new job. This digital platform allows you to construct a ‘visual portfolio’ by simply pulling in examples of your work (pictures, documents, etc.) and bringing them all onto your online profile.  The connectivity is extremely simple and integrates directly with the social media channels you are already using including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The days of printing out your work and storing in a plastic binder are long gone. The digital age is now taking over your brand, and it only makes sense to keep it all in one place.

Those are my top three picks for telling your online story – start exploring.

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