Short and Sweet (Pitching)

  • December 1, 2010
  • Starr Million Baker

Over at PR Greek Speak, Mikinzie Stuart wrote this week on the three line pitch: catchy intro, make it relevant, “the ask.” Easy, right? It’s actually a much more difficult art to be concise, but it’s a MUST for pitching success. If you’re able to follow this model – or make it your own by putting the ask first (I do this when pitching a reporter I’ve worked with), or combining the intro (personal to the reporter) and relevance to the audience into one perfect sentence – you’re likely to get some real results from your email pitching. Why? Because reporter’s have short attention spans. Because you never tell your whole life story on the first date. Because we’ve all got too much to do to write or read novel-length pitches.

Twitter is 140 characters for a reason. Think about it.

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