Understand your audience and build a brand and message to serve them. Invest here to reach your audience faster.

Breakthrough communications – the good stuff – has to start with finding out the right stuff. Who are your people? What do they care about? What are they talking about? What are they searching? What are the words, sounds, and images that resonate and stick with them? INK Research + Insights is the first step in the process of our data-driven strategy. Our research team can get you the right stuff – the answers to your questions – to fuel that good stuff: your breakthrough communications.

Communications moves fast, especially when working in spaces like tech and clean energy where everything is full speed ahead 100 percent of the time. It’s easy to make decisions based on what’s worked in the past or what your gut “knows” to be true. It’s smarter to make those decisions based on cold hard data.

“We wanted to better understand the people who made up our current audience, so I called INK. They said sure, but pushed me to consider what we wanted our audience to look like in the future, what our audience could become. This thoughtful questioning led us to insights a simple audience audit wouldn’t have revealed and continues to guide our content and social media strategy today. Smart, quick, always questioning – no wonder we keep these guys around.”

Ashley Steele, Whole Foods Market 365

We use a combination of techniques, tools, and good old-fashioned brain power to solve our client’s communications challenges, develop and understand their audiences, and inform every aspect of their communication programs. Our team has conducted research and analysis across industries to answer questions like:

Where do food scientists hang out online and to what kind of content do they gravitate?

Which words do we use when releasing world-changing technology?

Who wants to drink vinegar?

What does the general public think about smart cities?

Why are users so bothered by mobile ads?

Who’s talking about the Hydrogen Economy (still) and where?

How do we speak to every audience 
that shops at a grocery store without alienating any of the others?

What digital marketing strategies 
have the most growth potential?

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