SEO for Dummies

  • November 15, 2010
  • INK Team

As more people access news and information online, it’s necessary to factor that in to the way client news is distributed. Therefore, search engine optimization or “SEO” has become a common buzzword and standard tool for any PR pro worth her salt. One of my favorite AND free (for Business Wire members) resources to tap for SEO is Business Wire’s Press Release Optimization service.

The press release builder is a voluntary (but I say necessary) step of Business Wire’s press release distribution process. Taking a few extra minutes to run your release through press release builder helps ensure it’s more prominently visible and has a longer shelf life online. Each section (headline, sub-headline, body and even boilerplate and contact information) of the release is analyzed for SEO. Based on this analysis, press release builder will provide advice on the use of keywords (for example: use XX keyword versus another term, place XX keyword in header or higher in announcement, use XX keyword this many more times in the release, etc.) for maximum pick-up by online search engines. I love it because it’s easy to use, isn’t a huge time suck and ensures we are doing yet one more thing to secure great visibility for our clients.

Learn more about Business Wire’s press release builder and other SEO services here: