Run for the Water: A Physical and Social Feat

  • November 1, 2012
  • INK Team

Well, we did it! We ran for the water. A few of us tackled the 10 miler, while others enjoyed the 5K, and our costumed kiddos strutted down the 1K course. As a company, and in addition to running, we also raised $2,625 for the Gazelle Foundation’s clean water projects in Burundi, which totaled more than $100,000.

Our participation at Run for the Water (R4TW) was more than a physical feat. For the past two years we have volunteered as social media gurus for R4TW and the Gazelle Foundation (GF), manning their Facebook pages and Twitter streams, and this year, filling Pinterest boards and YouTube channels, as well as Instagram. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

R4TW Facebook – start at 978 likes, goal of 1,200 – result: 1,552 likes

GF Facebook – start at 341 likes, goal of 410 – result: 417 likes

R4TW Twitter – start at 569 followers, goal of 700 – result: 664 followers

GF Twitter – start at 227 followers, goal of 300 – result: 263 followers

GF YouTube – start at 7 channel subscribers, goal of 9 – result: 10 channel subscribers

GF YouTube – start at 4,402 video views, goal of 5,300 – result: 6,893 video views

GF Pinterest – start at 0 followers, goal of 20 – result: 47 followers

R4TW Instagram – start at 0 followers, goal of 20 – result: 32 followers

We analyze each social media campaign we do here at INK—what worked? What could be improved? Looking at these numbers, we pretty much knocked it out of the park, though Twitter stands out as a place for opportunity moving forward. For instance, maybe we can use Twitter to target more partners, organizations and influencers. Maybe we can provide more incentive to engage on Twitter using the #R4TW hashtag. Maybe we can leverage our successes on Facebook to drive users to Twitter as well.

INK relied on social media to raise awareness and encourage new runners – all of which paid off on Sunday when more than 4,000 people came out to take the challenge and run for the water. Every year as this race grows, we find new ways to inspire the online community and encourage them to take part in a race that is truly changing lives.

INK is proud to have been a part of the effort, and we definitely kicked some butt. Check us out in the photos above.


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