Rock the Vote: INK at SXSW 2017

  • August 8, 2016
  • Candice Eng

While March 2017 feels like a long way away, now is the time to influence which sessions are at next year’s SXSW interactive conference. Need brand messaging and media training? Interested in using podcasts to build your personal and business brand? Want to learn how to communicate across generations? Looking to better understand the relationship between PR, brand, and media? Figuring out how the relationship between social and design works? INK has panels for you! Voting is open until September 2, so be sure to vote for the sessions you want to see at SXSW 2017 today.

Workshop: How to Position Your Company in Three Words
In this workshop, INK PR president and cofounder Kari Hernandez will coach participants on how to create compelling messaging for a company or product that is simple enough to boil down to three memorable words, yet complex enough to encompass a full story and supporting points. Once we’ve nailed messages, you’ll learn tips and tricks to stay on message in a presentation or interview setting, and how to weave in quotable sound bites true to your personality and purpose.
Speaker: Kari Hernandez (President and Co-Founder, INK)

A Brand, Journalist, and PR Person Walk Into SXSW
Media relations or Snapchat? Infographic or speaking engagement? Brands can tell their stories in countless ways, maybe even too many. We all know the media landscape has changed with 24-hour news cycles, more channels than ever, and just a lot of noise to get through. The relationship between company, PR, and journalist has always had its up and downs. We need each other, but like most long-lasting relationships we have our differences and sometimes can’t stand each other. This panel will explore the evolving relationship between these three parties, when a brand needs PR, what kind, and when they don’t, best practices for media relations, and building impactful, smart, and integrated PR.
Speakers: Candice Eng (Account Supervisor, INK), John Patrick Pullen (freelancer at TIME, Entrepreneur), Eric Schneider (Senior Vice President, Strategy & Communications, Institute of Food Technologists), and Rachel Charlesworth (VP of Marketing, moovel)

Boomer to Gen Z: Speaking Each Other’s Language
Can we really say that a face-to-face conversation is more authentic than a Twitter chat? Is reaching thousands online more or less valuable than shaking someone’s hand? These talented business owners and expert communicators from Baby Boomer to Gen Z will come together to provide generational perspective on success, authenticity, inspiration, work style and life. They’ve all achieved their own versions of success and stayed true to themselves along the way, but now it’s time to examine how their strategies have differed from those who came before and after them. This panel aims to uncover the secret recipe for outstanding communication and entrepreneurship that withstands the test of time.
Speakers: Kari Hernandez (President and Co-Founder, INK), Kenny Nguyen (CEO and Co-Founder, ThreeSixtyEight), Terry Hemeyer (Executive Council, Pierpont Communications), and Isabella Rose Taylor (Founder, Isabella Rose Taylor)

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Future of WorkSPACE
Work culture is inherently tied to physical space, but with today’s technology, what is necessary and what isn’t? How space (or lack of it) shapes a culture is an extremely important discussion that unfortunately often becomes an afterthought. How will the rise of the freelance economy affect the way office space is planned? From cubical farms to free range desk hoteling systems, there are more choices now than ever in work place design. Is an open plan the answer? Are all cubicles bad? Do we all really need a kombucha keg? Our session would foster a great discussion about the ever-evolving needs of the modern workforce and the challenges with finding a balance that meets these needs.
Speakers: Starr Million Baker (CEO and Co-Founder, INK), Christine Congdon (Director, Global Research Communications, Editor 360 Magazine Steelcase), and Joshua Mackley (Architect, Bercy Chen Studio)

So You Want to Start a Podcast, Huh?
More than one out of every three Americans listened to a podcast last year, combining to download well over one billion episodes. But some podcasts fall apart more quickly than a Jenga tower during a drunken evening out. Before your brand, whether it’s you personally or your company, decides to jump on the podcasting bandwagon you need to ask yourself a few things. This session will feature panelists that have either started their own podcasts from the ground up or developed a podcast for their company. They will discuss the ins and outs of not only creating something that fits their brand, but how they keep the momentum going. With the right preparation, you can take your brand to the next level.
Speakers: Joey Held (Account Executive, INK), Esther Povitsky (Podcast Host/Comedian/Actress, Principato Young Entertainment), Kerry O’Shea Gorgone (Lawyer/Podcaster/Speaker/Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Learning, Marketing Profs), and Michael Jastroch (Founder/Performer/Writer, Coldtowne Theater)

The New Digital Strategy: Social Meets Design
The evolution of communication has brought designers and social strategist into one room. In a time where digital content reigns supreme, leveraging these two roles has become the standard where digital strategy and thoughtful design go hand-in-hand. Fostering the relationship between these disciplines within your team is not only of value to your company but also vital to producing great work for your client that you can all be proud of. In this session we’ll show you how.
Speakers: Michelle Pimm (Content Strategist, INK), Emily Grossman (Creative Director, INK), and Torre Gentile, VP (Digital Strategy & Innovation, Marketing Werks)

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