Resume vs. Profile – Where are managers really looking?

  • November 16, 2011
  • INK Team

In a new survey just released by Jobvite, 1 in 6 people looking for a job found their opportunity through a social network. While that may not sound like a lot, take into account the term “social network” was merely buzz at the water cooler five years ago. Of the 22.1 million Americans surveyed, 78% attributed their job to Facebook, while 40% cited assistance from LinkedIn, and 42% cited Twitter. According to a similar TechCrunch article, social networks are adjusting their displays to be more job-friendly, allowing work history to be immediately visible.

With activity online blurring your personal life and your professional life, the question is – how are you portrayed online? Keep in mind that every industry is different (I, luckily, chose one that suits my lifestyle). However, if you are unemployed and seeking a career, now would be the time to remove last weekend’s photo of your “ladies / boys night out.” Yes, yes, Facebook has had quite the media blitz lately about their increased security features – but a lot of these updates need to be manually adjusted.  While the legality of social media in the workplace is an issue that is still being clarified in the court system, why take any chances?

Before these platforms existed, job seekers relied on their resume to get them in the door, and then hoped their dazzling interview skills took over. How boring!  I am optimistic my generation will utilize the opportunity that social networks present – not only as a search engine, but as a way to show personality when looking for their next endeavor.

In short: clean up your networks, promote yourself subtly, and only display pictures you would feel comfortable showing to your grandmother at the dinner table. People are watching – and who knows, that might include your future boss.

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